Sirius A message to the peoples of planet earth – 11th sept 13

Beloved ones we are the BEings from Sirius A and we come to guide and to support as the New Golden Age of Humankind now births fully into and on to planet earth in TRUTH. All that has been guided by many channels in relation to the manifestation of a new world and a new way of BEing will now begin to appear in your outer waking reality.

For many of you, including our channel, the movement physically into working with the realms/races which share this universe with planet earth will be rapid. The transition process that is entered into designed to allow the physical human form to accept both our presence and our form in TRUTH.

Human consciousness thus will begin to expand rapidly. Events are now beginning to unfold at a world level that will see new ways of working fully supported by all levels of human society in TRUTH. The LIGHT of TRUTH will always outshine the residue of the old 3d earth and we invite you to anchor more and more LIGHT as you move through the process of transition into the New Earth in TRUTH.

We call to our children who walk the earth in both human and natural form and ask them to take their places in order to further help support human consciousness as the human race now begins to awaken fully to its origins in TRUTH. Those who sought to contain and suppress unable to hold back the tidal wave of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH for the sleeping ones have awoken and LIGHT now protects planet earth and her children.

Let go of the need to work out TRUTH beloved ones for the instrument of TRUTH is within your human vehicle, it is your heart. Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race fully believing the heart space capable of destruction. The LOVE that IS now pours through the heart space of the human race in TRUTH, re-igniting ALL that IS and helping the LIGHT to dispel the darkness of 3d earth.

YOU were always to walk in the LIGHT of TRUTH beloved ones for you were created from the LIGHT of TRUTH. Now that LIGHT will illuminate your path home. We stand ready to welcome you home in TRUTH for you never left, you were merely blinded by those who knew no better.

Open your hearts now to each other and allow the LOVE that IS to radiate brightly across all parts of this your human life experience for LOVE is ALL there is in TRUTH.

We are the BEings from Sirius A and we walk with you as you prepare in your human form to re-unite with the family of LIGHT in TRUTH. BE at peace for ALL IS and YOU ARE.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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